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Post  Uzi on Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:19 pm

Please take the time to read this before making a careless
post, Thank you.

-Please No posting anything harmful such as, Corrupted Files, Virus's, Mal-ware, Etc.
-No spamming, leeching (Begging), Flaming, Etc.
-Please do not post anything asking for a 15Th Lobby, Infections, Etc. Please PM A trusted seller or moderator
For any questions.
-No posting Fake lobby's/Asking for Microsoft points, Xbox Live membership, Or Pay-pal Gifting.
-No posting off topic posts in the section such as, "What's your name?," "Whats MW2 Modding?."
-No threats, Disturbing content, No personal question's towards members.
-Be respectful.
-No cursing, as this site is directed toward 13 and Above of age.
-No advertising.
-No fake/broken links.
-No Sharecash links/Links to downloads that require a Fake Survey as they are all this way.
-No selling or trading accounts without value.
-No posing as another person, or doing or saying that you where of a higher rank.
-No Illegal Content as this is forbidden and should be taken as so.
Thank you for reading, abide these rules, And enjoy the site!

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