Read Before Posting That You are Hosting!

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Read Before Posting That You are Hosting! Empty Read Before Posting That You are Hosting!

Post  Dramskizz on Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:40 pm


Do not post here asking for a lobby! This section is for people to post the lobbies they are hosting! If you would like a lobby, view the threads posted in here and try to join their session! From this point on, if a thread is made requesting a lobby or offering live stream it will be dealt with accordingly. Repeated offenses will have consequences. If you see this happening report it right away.

Do not post your infection lobbies here, like Arena, Global thermal nuclear war and things like that. Post them HERE.

MW2 Lobby Rules: Do not follow these and expect serious consequences.

1) You may not advertise any other site.

2) You may not ask for rep.

3) You may ask for youtube subscribers but it does not get them an invite.

4) Do not constantly post lobbies. By that we mean do not post and then an hour after your thread has been locked host again.

5) Give details about your lobby and how to join! Post your gamer tag, whether it is join session or invite only and so on.

Note: Violators found breaking these rules may be warned/infracted, or suspended depending on the severity and amount of rules broken.


You must provide proof if a lobby is violating the rules. Whether it be a recording of a message, in-game chat, etc, it must be clear evidence of a broken rule. Then, and only then will a lobby be taken down.

What to do after your lobby is over:

All we ask is that you report your thread after you are done hosting. This will allow us to lock your thread so it may not be bumped. That will cause less confusion amongst the members trying to join.

Very Important:

Do not post if someone else is hosting the lobby. ONLY post if it's YOU hosting.

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