[Official] Xbox 360 Support Rules!

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[Official] Xbox 360 Support Rules! Empty [Official] Xbox 360 Support Rules!

Post  Dramskizz on Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:32 am

This section is for Xbox 360 Support. This is general support for 360. If it is modding support, please take that to their respective forums. If there is no modding support for that game, then and ONLY then will it be acceptable to post it here.

Please refrain from posting anything other than support topics.
Things that are not acceptable include:
Modded Lobbies
Requesting/Offering Livestreams
Asking for Xbox Live Membership or Microsoft Points
Complaints Regarding Bans and Suspensions

A good title and description will allow for your post to be answered quickly and have the best information.
I will not tolerate any spam nor flame in this section. You are expected to follow the site rules and I will uphold these rules to strict standards.

Please report threads that violate any rules or if you feel there is content that needs to be removed. Reporting helps everyone, the staff, the poster, and all who see the thread. So please report!

Thank you for reading this and understanding what I expect of each and every one of you.

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