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[Official] Xbox 360 Discussion Rules! Empty [Official] Xbox 360 Discussion Rules!

Post  Dramskizz on Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:13 pm

This Section is for Xbox 360 Discussion ONLY.
This is a discussion section about the Xbox 360 and general things involving it such as addons, dashboards, etc..

This IS NOT a Support Section! If you have a problem with your Xbox 360 please post in the Xbox 360 Support section.

The following will not be tolerated with and will be deleted upon posting.
- Selling Accounts
- Selling MSP
- Selling Anything in this selection, will not be allowed!

- We do not care about your ban or suspension. It happens to people everyday and yours is no different.

- Please don't post here saying "I GOT BANNED AND I DON'T KNOW WHY"

- This is a modding, glitching, and cheating website. We know why you got banned most likely.

- Posts like "GTFO Leech" or "Wow kid your retarded" will be deleted.

- "Negative Rep" >: ) Feature you should watch what you type more carefully.

- Warez will not be permitted here, this includes but is not limited to: ISO's, Game Rips, Illegal programs and Apps.

- If you find some amazing news about a GAME feel free to tell about it in the 360 Game Discussion.

- If you want to show off your amazing kills or nicely edited montage feel free to post it in Gaming Section.

Thank you for reading, that's what I have to say for the rules.



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